A Proper Arrangement (Novel Extract)

In this an extract from Drawings In Sand, Stella is excited to be going out, so excited that in this experimental chapter she forgets to breathe (or at least to punctuate her thoughts!) It wouldn’t be possible to write a long chapter this way, but for a short one it seemed a fun thing to do!


It was Friday night and they were going out they had a proper arrangement with Judy and her new man they were going to a restaurant like people did in the movies life was sweet life was sweet and to think that two days ago she had been in the pits of despair Thank God it’s Friday a kid had scrawled across Judy’s blackboard Thank God even more it’s May Day weekend a holiday on Monday and they were going out like normal people do meeting their friends in Owlies where respectable people like Edith went it was a celebration because the Anti-Bullying leaflets were done and Macklin was starting a new job and she loved this black dress it was the first chance she’d had to wear it in months since the Christmas do and no way was she getting as drunk as she did that night it might be a celebration but she was staying in control not like last weekend and the snow had gone away as if it knew and Aberdeen was having a heatwave so she could wear the new red jacket she’d bought in Monsoon so what if it cost an arm and a leg you needed to treat yourself every now and then and it looked just perfect with the black dress and her old red brooch and an extra spray to keep her hair in place and a slick of red on her lips and she was looking good tonight almost glowing for once some colour in her cheeks and Macklin was being so good it was like a dream come true like a dream




  1. Oh my goodness! I remember feeling that rush of excitement an optimism. I’m pinning this and tweeting. Thanks so much for coming joining Yvonne!

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