Guest Post on RAWrWords: Short story: Seagulls is a new site that started only a few days ago. It is run by Darla Halyk of New World Moms. This is what she says about the site:

As the founder of RAWrWords I hope to give writers a safe place to put their heart and soul into words, words that need to be read, words that deserve to be heard. Our stories can connect our global village, we have the power to help others understand they are not alone.

And today my short story, Seagulls is on RAWrWords.


Laura stands unmoving, looking up. All she sees is blue, with fragments of feathery cloud scudding by. All she hears is the wind, interspersed with the sound of seagulls wailing. The saegulls cawk, cawk way above, flying free. Laura hears their call and she knows what she must do.

Laura sneaks onto the inter-islands ferry, and hides in the toilet to dodge the fare collector. It doesn’t save much money, but it saves questions, saves having to explain to her dad’s drinking buddy about why Alan’s pretty daughter is taking this journey alone.

When the ferry docks, she slips past old women fussing around suitcases, and red faced men gossiping about a dog that had worried their lambs – fierce looking men with genteel words. (That dog might worry the mother sheep, but it kills their lambs.)

Laura climbs onto the bus and choses a seat near the back, propping her rucksack beside her to deter anybody from sitting next to her. Not that anyone would. Nobody ever talks to her.

Read the full story on RAWrWords

If you have a piece, either fiction or non-fiction that would be suitable for RAWrWords, you can submit here.


We are looking for raw stories, topics are not limited, but we want you to bleed on the page. Give us your heart and soul, stories that connect our Global Village and us. Let’s get RAW, we want to hear you roar.

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