#1000Speak News and Thanks

Whew! I’m thankful that’s over. I’ve spent much of the day doing two things – figuring out how to add a custom domain to the 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion blog and messaging with Michelle of Getting Literal as she set up the email sign up form on the Facebook Page. I’m thankful that Michelle is more skilled at using MailChimp than I am and did almost all the work on that. If ever a program is confusing, it’s the Chimp!

I’m also thankful for Jen Kehl who answered my questions about the blog and then invited me to her Facebook group where she helps out technically challenged WordPress users like myself. Soon I shall be an expert. (The blog’s new url isn’t yet live, and when it is I will update this post.)

Email Updates For 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion

If you’d like to get email updates for 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion, click here and it will take you straight to the sign up page. We promise not to inundate you with emails – we don’t have time to write that many for a start! You’ll get emails once a week at the very most, and more likely twice a month – just after an event to let you know the theme for the following month and we’ll email a week before an event to remind you it’s coming up.

Submit a Nurturing Post

We will be posting more often on the blog and we’d love to publish compassion posts for anyone without a blog. So if that’s you or someone you know, we’re taking submissions for the Nurturing link-up on the 20th.

You might be beginning to notice this is a thankful post and also news about 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion post. Seemed a good idea to combine the two. I’m thankful to have decided on my slant for this month’s theme. In case you’ve missed it, we’re writing about Nurturing, and I’ve decided to write about how to nurture self-compassion when things aren’t going well – when we’ve messed up or feel under stress. I asked on my Facebook page if anyone had particular aspects they’d like covered, and a friend wrote that so often we guilt trip ourselves when we are ill, instead of allowing ourselves the time we need to recover. It struck a chord with me and others and so that’s what I’ll be writing about.

It’s strange really, how it can be comforting to realise that many of us have the same worries. We’re all in it together, muddling through as best we can. Getting it wrong, only sometimes it turns out wrong is right because we can  understand others, support them. Feelings being universal, whether pain or love. And yes, I’m thankful.

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Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Custom domain. That’s great news.
    I am glad this thing (1000Speak) I am glad it is going so well.
    It has become real important to me and I know to so many others.
    Great work, as usual. Thanks.

    1. Author

      It would be good news Kerry, except it’s not up yet for some reason. Maybe I congratulated myself too soon and will have to ring my host tomorrow after all!
      I am so glad 1000 Speak is going well too. My favourite thing is still when I see people say they get so much out of taking part! Thanks for being one of those!

  2. Yvonne,
    you have done so much to forward the 1000 Speak and Nurturing. You are a wonder and a gift.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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