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As I wrote last weekend for the anniversary edition, I like the purpose of the Ten Things of Thankful hop. I like that it encourages people to think about gratitude, that every weekend there are 50 or so posts about gratitude uploaded to the internet.

I’ve been reading a book, Fulfilled, by Deirdre Bounds, which reminded me that this state of gratitude is not the norm for most people. Bounds cites research that suggests that 85% of people experience mainly emotions such guilt, fear, anger and pride most of the time. I can’t vouch for how reliable this evidence is, but I have read similar things before. From my own experience, I’d say that until I was at least in my late thirties, that it was probably true for me. Some of us are so used to pushing those feelings away that we don’t even realise we are in an almost constant battle with them. And in that condition gratitude doesn’t get much chance.

So let’s spread it around! And let’s be thankful for the opportunities to do so. It’s amazing to think of all that goes into creating these opportunities for us! It’s amazing to think of all that came before that made it possible. There’s Alan Turing, who according to Time magazine, in the 1930s, “laid the groundwork for computational science,” and Konrad Zuse, who was the first person to make a computer that was freely programmable. And then there was Charles Babbage, who a hundred years before either of them, attempted to build a mechanical computer. He called it a Difference Engine. He didn’t finish it, but 160 years later the Museum of Science in London did. It worked. Here he is:

Charles Babbage By Unknown staff artist for The Illustrated London News [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So, without all of them, we couldn’t have this thankful hop. And then there’s the guy who invented the internet. He’s Tim Berners-Lee. He invented the World Wide Web way back in 1989. Just so that we could spread gratitude around the world. Wasn’t that nice of him? Thanks Sir Tim. And Alan, Konrad and Charles. Ooh, sorry. Mr Babbage. We weren’t so informal in those days.

Then there’s WordPress and Blogger. Thank you. And any others I’ve missed.

And GoDaddy, Namecheap, Blue Host, Dreamhost, Hostagator, Alligator. (I’ve a feeling one of those might be wrong, but can’t think which. Help me out if you know!) Without them doing their serving on their servers we couldn’t do our hopping on this hop. They have staff working all weekend to do their best to ensure we stay on the World Wide Web, invented by Sir Tim. They promise us 99.5% uptime, or 99.9% or whatever. And if that 0.01% happens we go, “Grr,” bad server-thingy. I don’t like you any more and I’m going to another one.” (Well, actually when this happened to me last Saturday at around 10.30pm I took it as an indication that maybe it was time I got off my computer and went and spoke to the people in my house, or went to bed. So I was sort of thankful that the server went down. And even more thankful when it came back up again the next day and both my blogs still existed. I had a vague worry they might have vanished in a puff of smoke.)

And the linky thingy – inlinkz. We need them too.

And then Lizzi for inventing the Ten Things of Thankful Hop. (Do you think she’ll get to be Sir Lizzi? Or Dame Lizzi? Or Lady Lizzi?)

Then there’s us, without whom there would be no hop, just Lizzi jumping up and down by herself. So we can be thankful for ourselves too.

And here’s a replica of Babbage’s “Difference Engine.”


Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 November 2004. Website: (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, if you’d like to see more thankful posts or to join in with one of your own, click the button below.



  1. This is terrific! We wouldn’t be here without Sir Tim and Mr. Babbage and all the things that snowballed after that. Not a hop out of any of us. Just be standing there. Maybe sitting.

    1. Author

      Hi Dyanne! It is amazing to think how long ago someone thought of a computer and how much they’ve advanced in recent years. Hooray for Sir Tim and Mr Babbage!
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I would almost certainly be jumping up and down by myself.

    Sir Lizzi – it has a nice ring to it, though I think Joy’s older version (and this, lest ye forget, based off one of those Olympian gods, without whom we would not have the inspiration for telling stories, generating imagination and inspiring such chaps as Babbage and Steve Jobs and whomsoever else, as to CREATE these things) HERCULIZZI!

      1. Author

        Okay, WordPress is really annoying me tonight! It won’t let me reply to you Lizzi. Keeps dumping my reply at the end!

  3. Oh this is just SO COOL!!! I love how you did this Yvonne! Such a perfect history to share and to tie it in to our serving up and sharing our Thankfuls? Brilliant, my friend!

    I am going to re-read it again to get all this awesome info down. 🙂

    HERCULIZZI does sound like a good fit! 😉

  4. Author

    So glad you liked it Chris. It is amazing to think of all that goes into making our hop possible!
    Thanks for popping by.

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