Ode to Skinny Jeans (And other nonsense) A frivolous TToT

This week I have been gathering up thankfulness as the days went along.

On Monday I was thankful for skinny jeans. Having never owned these until Christmas Day 2013, I now have 3 pairs. None of them are the so-tight-you-could-have-sprayed-them-on variety. BUT they are slim enough to fit inside my boots, which my other trousers aren’t. This is important because it has been raining here. (I’m pretty sure Noah will be coming along with his ark soon to gather us all up.) I walk a lot, and my trousers no longer have that randomised-black-splatter-from-the-knees-down look. The washing machine doesn’t have to work overtime. Oh, and I almost forgot: one pair of my new trousers are velvet, purple velvet. I am in love. 

On the other hand, I have discovered that although my boots are great at catching black splatter, they are not so great at keeping my feet dry. They leak. In a lot of places. Even after I’d diligently coated every millimetre of their surface in Nikwax sponge-on waterproofing wax. Anyone would think those boots were at least seven years old, maybe even eight. Oh, wait. They are. I am not thankful that they leak, since I love those boots. They were the first thing(s) I ever bought from FatFace, a wonderful shop with a terrible name. I saw them in the window and couldn’t resist. Our entire family have been regularly kitted out in FatFace clothing ever since. But this does means that I can go buy some new boots! That must be something to be thankful for!

I was less thankful that the designers of skinny jeans do not understand the anatomy of the female body. This is why I have not had a pair till now, and why last winter I wore trousers with holes in various places. Why is it that every single pair of skinny jeans that fit around the waist (or really the upper hip since that’s as far as they come up) are so tight around the hips and “other places” that I can barely sit down? And why, if they are comfortable across the hips and “other places,” is there a gap at the back at the waistband so large I could fit my cat in there, should I wish to do so? I thought perhaps I had an old-fashioned body shape, but a quick survey reveals that if I do, I am not alone. This gap means that when it’s cold outside, it’s cold inside trousers too, because no matter how often tee-shirts are tucked in, they don’t stay. Perhaps I should fit the cat in there; at least he would keep me warm.

But on Tuesday I was thankful to discover, on careful inspection, that the purple velvet’s waistband has seams at the side. This might not get most people excited, but I was once a fashion designer, so I know how to make the waistband smaller. You might wonder why I haven’t just bought some fabric and made trousers, and right now I’m wondering the same thing. But  somewhere upstairs there is a dress still in twenty pieces that I started sewing before I had our first daughter. She’s fifteen. The odd thing is I have made clothes since then: a fluffy cat costume, a dalmatian outfit, Ariel and Jasmine. I’m thankful I made them, because my kids were so cute in the outfits and loved them so much, particularly the cat costume.

On Tuesday I was also thankful that I bought a new super-cloth so that when my soup boiled over the newly-cleaned hob (stove-top) I could clean up fast. I was also thankful that, although I couldn’t find the lavender and rose teabag I had been holding seconds before the pot boiled over, there were more teabags left. And then, when hours later I was emptying the dishwasher and opened a cupboard to put away the now-clean soup bowl, I found the teabag and got to be thankful all over again.

On Wednesday I was thankful that a friend called to ask for support with some difficult feelings. Although obviously I don’t wish unhappiness on my friends, I was glad she felt able to call me and that she felt better after we’d met. I was also thankful that I had a physiotherapy appointment on Wednesday. I’ve had a sore shoulder for years. The physiotherapist says it is muscular, and so totally correctable. And I’m thankful that I am remembering to do the exercises he gave me.

On Thursday I was thankful to get a lot of work done on my new novel. I’m very thankful that the plot is working better, and that the characters are developing in better ways than I had planned. I was also thankful that my husband came home after a few days away. And I almost forgot: I dug out that dress. I remembered why I didn’t finish making it: when my girls were little they found the pieces and a pair of scissors. At the time it seemed too hard to try to fix it, but now I’ve seen it’s not so bad and I started work on the dress. It feels good to know I can soon cross it off my to-do list.

On Friday I had a phone-call from an old friend who I haven’t seen much lately. She has been extra busy, but wanted to let me know she was thinking of me and offered to come with me on my upcoming hospital appointments if I need it. I don’t need her to, but it was kind of her to offer.

And then, I went looking for new boots. I didn’t find any that fitted and cost less than a million pounds (okay I exaggerate.) But I was thankful that on the way home I realised I didn’t care, and if it rains I can wear my wellies (rubber boots) and if it’s dry but cold I shall continue to wear my old boots until they fall apart. By that time my first novel will be a best seller and so I won’t mind spending a million pounds on the perfect pair of boots. Oh, and I was also thankful that I went into Anthropologie and saw a gorgeous cardigan that I’d seen before and decided was too expensive – and it was now less than a third of its original price. It came in two different colours, a lovely soft pink and green. The sweet assistant in the changing rooms gave me her honest opinion that no matter how lovely the pink was, it didn’t look lovely on me. And the green did. I agreed. The green one is now nestled in my cardigan drawer, waiting for next weekend when we are going out to lunch with friends.

And now it’s Saturday. Today’s highlight was a Google Hangout video call with one of the TToT hosts, Clark from the Wakefield Doctrine. It was lovely to “meet” a fellow TToT, and we had a good exchange of ideas about writing. And I’m thankful that Drawings In Sand
has crept back into the Kindle’s store’s top 100 in Women’s Literary Fiction. It may not stay there long, but it is exciting to see!

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  1. Hey, wait, whut? You VidChatted with JUST CLARK?! At some point you’re gonna have to chat with ALL OF US. It’s so fun 😀

    I love how you did this list, and I hope the rain stops soon. I have old boots which let in water, but I don’t want to get rid of them. And NOW I understand why skinny jeans are popular, but I don’t have a cat to keep my back warm, so I won’t buy any.

    I was giggling so much at your forays around the kitchen and the lost teabag! I’m glad you found it in the cupboard, not in the dishwasher after the cycle had finished!

    1. Yes, Lizzi. Just Clark. I think there were other invitees but they couldn’t make. I’ve heard about your chats, but I don’t have your stamina. I’d never last till 2 am or whenever it is!
      Glad you like the list. I started it on Tuesday so that I’d get it finished early for a change. We did have a break from the rain, and got frost today instead. Proper winter weather! I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t part with old boots. And now, you’ll have to buy a cat so you can get some skinny jeans. Or would you get the cat and buy the jeans? Hmm.
      The teabag incident was a bizarre, and def better it was in the cupboard than the dishwasher.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you for defining ‘hob’ for me. Never was quite sure, and evidently was too lazy to look it up. Love your thoughts on skinnies. And congrats on the Anthropologie sweater, which I am absolutely certain is lovely, like so much that store sells. Your comments on the rain made me realize how I should have been thankful for our sump pump on my list this week. Many, many thanks for a dry basement!

    1. Sarah, it was thanks to writing on HubPages that I discovered “hob” is not used in the USA. I was about to leave you a very long comment about stoves and hobs and cookers, but since it would end up the length of a post, I’ve decided to write a post instead. Thanks for the inspiration! It is funny how we have a language in common and yet many words that are different. We see so many American movies and TV shows that we pick up American English quite easily, but it’s probably harder for you.
      I’m with you on Anthropologie, I love so much of what they sell! Only thing is it is so expensive by the time it’s crossed the pond that I do only buy in the sales. Once I’ve got my dress finished it will look perfect with the cardigan!
      I take it you’ve had rain this week too, and that sump pump sounds essential. Our house doesn’t have a basement but the lower floor is below road level, so could have added I am very thankful for flood prevention work that was done nearby a few years ago!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. it was rather fun, the vid chat… there is something of the connecting of whole different realities, across space (and in your case) time* Especially nice to meet someone with similar but totally different experiences and yet find something in common to allow a sharing of experiences.
    It sounds, from your grab list above, that you have had a week of demands and yet, be rewarded with the feeling of having helped another person. v cool

    * in a time zone relative sense, nothing really strange, except for one to be in morning while the other is in afternoon… now that I write that, it is every bit as cool as might be a more traditional time travel thing

    1. Clark, it was fun. I really enjoyed our chat. I like what you say about meeting someone with similar but different experience and finding stuff in common. Yes.
      The time zone thing is strange sometimes. We have friends and relatives scattered around the globe, so have travelled a bit. In Australia a few years ago we met a girl who had been born on the exact same day as our elder daughter. Except, she was born in the morning and our daughter in the evening, so if they’d been born in the same time-zone they would have had different birthdays!
      Here’s to time travelling!

  4. Oh Yvonne, that whole section on the skinny jeans had me laughing. It is so true! Why oh why are the waistbands not proportional to the hips and rear? The image of you stuffing a cat in the gap sent me into giggles. I don’t have any skinny jeans, so must save my boots for when I wear skirts and dresses. Which is close to never.
    I am jealous of your ability to sew. That may have to be my next home ec thing to learn now that I have canning down. All the costumes I’ve made for my kids have been by hand and without a pattern. And to be able to make a pair of pants which fit! That would be wonderful.
    How nice that the salesperson was honest with you about the sweater. Not many would do that. I’m glad the green worked, though. I love a good cardigan.
    Have a great week!

    1. Christine, I was definitely in a silly mood when I wrote the bit about skinny jeans, though I really don’t understand why they are shaped so badly! Glad it gave you a laugh. I also used to save boots for dresses and skirts too, but over the last few years I’ve worn those less and less.
      I am grateful I learned to sew. (Another thing of thankful.) My mother was always sewing and had boxes full of fabric (as do I!) She taught me I guess, though we also got it at school while the boys learned to make wooden boxes for us to put the piles of fabric in! 🙂 (I’m probably showing my age there, since classes have been co-ed in the UK for a long time now.)
      Thanks for your comment, and hope your week goes well too.

  5. Before I went on my lower carb diet last year I was wearing stretch jeans. I swear they’re made to make you feel good about yourself because every time I put them on they’d stretch to the point where I needed a belt to keep them up. Now I’m happily wearing my old Levi red tabs from years ago. I never throw anything away that may come in useful at some point.

    I was just reading your comment back to Christine and had to laugh because I remember the days when the girls would take economics and the boys would be taking shop classes.

    Isn’t it great when you find that item such as your cardigan and the store still has the size you need it and it’s on sale too. Those are the best sales to wait for. I rarely pay full price anything so I’m always watching for the things I like to go on sale.

    Okay I think I’m starting to ramble here so I’ll let you go for now. Have a great week Yvonne!

    1. Susan, we are off the same era so I guess we would have the similar experiences at school! Levi red tabs are great to have, definitely good you didn’t throw them out. I used to have ones years ago, but not in a long time. Now you’ve got me all nostalgic.

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Purple velvet skinny jeans??? I LOVE that. They sound amazing and please please post a photo of them. I love purple velvet. My friend Sara has a purple velvet chair and it’s one of the best places on the planet. I love Anthropologie – congratulations on your lovely sounding new green sweater. And so cool that you got to vid chat with Clark! He’s awesome!

    1. Kristi, I would have put up a photo yesterday but my camera was playing up, so I gave up. Maybe tomorrow. They are the coolest jeans ever (actually that’s not entirely true – they are nice and warm.) I can’t wear anything else for more than a few hours I love my velvet ones so much!
      Clark and I did have a great chat. I’d love to join in the group one, but I am useless late at night and I know Lizzi stays up very late for them!
      Thanks for your comment.

    1. I don’t think we’ve got bellabands in the UK – at least I’d not heard of them before. I looked them up and I can see that they could indeed be great!
      Thanks for your good wishes about my novel.

  7. Cool about the novel…sorry to have missed you on chatting…I still don’t know how lizzi does it! Do you think a small dog would work on those jeans?

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