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Last weekend’s was to be the last Ten Things of Thankyou blog hop for 2013. I’d already decided to write at gratitude post this weekend anyway, when Lizzi announce that TToT was taking place after all, hosted only by her. The Renegade TToT.  Thank you Lizzi; it suits me perfectly.

Apart from the opportunity to do the blog hop, I am thankful for a number of things this week.

 First off, I am thankful to my lovely friend Pam, who designed the cover of my short stories collection Looking For America, and who has come to visit my family for Christmas.

I am also grateful for Amazon’s Kindle store, where Looking for America is free to download this weekend. So if you haven’t got a copy already, grab yourself one now. The link above is for, but to go to any other store all you need to do is change the .com to your own country’s suffix. The rest of the url remains the same. (And if you like the stories in it, then why not buy my novel Drawings In Sand?) I promise in advance, that I will be extremely grateful to you!

I am thankful for friendship in general, for my friend Andrea who offered to come with me to a hospital appointment, even before we knew when it would be. The appointment letter arrived on Wednesday – for early January. I  am thankful to my husband for suggesting that I ring up to see if there had a been any cancellations. And extra thankful that there had been one for the next day. While I did not enjoy spending Thursday morning having tests, I am thankful to my husband for coming with me and getting bored in the waiting room during those tests. I am thankful for how thorough the tests were. And I am thankful for the outcome. While it’s more than likely I will have an operation in late January, nothing serious showed up in any of the tests, and it’s even more likely that the same will be the case during the operation.

Pam arrived shortly after we’d finished at the hospital and later that afternoon we went to the local supermarket that is in a small shopping centre. I picked up a couple of things and we headed for the bread section. As we stood looking at the shelves, trying figure out where the organic bread was, a store employee went past. So we asked him. Turned out it was hiding on the bottom shelf! It also turned out there was no wholemeal. When I looked disappointed, he offered to bake some for us, and said it would take thirty minutes.  In these days when shopping can seem depersonalised it’s not common to get this kind of service and I was more than delighted to take up his offer.

So while our bread baked, Pam and I went off to a nearby store to do some Christmas shopping. I was looking for a garment for one of my daughters (won’t say what it was in case she reads this.) We found a few, but couldn’t decide if they’d be too big for her tiny frame. An assistant came along who was about the same height as my daughter. After we’d discussed various options for  a while, she offered to try the garment on so we could see how it fitted! By the time we’d all finished laughing and bought the clothes, we headed back to the supermarket for our lovely warm bread, fresh from the oven.

I am so thankful for those two shop assistants. What they did wasn’t huge, and yet it was. They took time to make sure we got what we needed. They cared, not about sales, but about customer satisfaction. And for that I am thankful.

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  1. Oh BLESS! Such really very good shop assistants there. That’s awesome.

    Your friends sound like really solid-gold people 😀

  2. Glad you found such nice help. I know about doctor appointments and such. My hubby is set for surgery the day after Christmas. You willl have to drop by and read my post to learn more. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Glad for the shop help but so sorry you had such a big scare at the doctor testing and hope that all is okay. Any tests of that nature are scary and awful…

    1. Kristi, thanks for you kind words. The tests were not fun, but it’s all looking okay, though I do need minor surgery to remove something that I can’t remember the name of.

  4. Waiting and the unknown can be nerve fraying. I’m glad you had a cancellation allowing your appointment to be moved up. Also, that you were given some feeling of resolution and less concern of any serious findings at a surgery. Phew.. I believe in positive thought as well as Karma and of course prayer. I’m wishing all these things for you.
    ps.. I also have to go back for tests the day after Christmas, so I was feeling a bit connected to that part of your Thankful post 🙂

    1. wampumhome, thank you for your kind wishes. I wish you the very best for your tests. You might be interested in a book called “Mind over Medicine” by Lissa Rankin MD. It documents many instances of how love and caring has had a positive impact on people’s health. Love to you as you face your own health issues.

  5. Too woot! Glad the tests are clear, Yvonne! And while there may be a slight obstacle in January, positivity will maintain that positive outcome. Thanks for linking up with us this week!

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