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7 Emotional Life Hacks to Save Time and Pain

My life hacks are a bit different to some. They’re unlikely to make you into an efficiency robot, but they will save the time and energy that you expend on the following daily activities:
a) beating yourself up
b) getting pissed off at people for not following your life hacks and then beating yourself up for it
c) ruminating on all the times you forgot to follow life hacks (i.e. did things stuff inefficiently or not at all) and why that makes you a worthless piece of blah, blah
d) beating yourself up, yet again

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Sometimes it Snows in April

Going by the magazines in the local newsagents, whether Jennifer Aniston is or isn’t pregnant occupies the minds of many people. I’m not one of them. Likewise, what dress Victoria Beckham wore last week matters as little to me as where she went, and I’m not sure I’d even recognise a Kardasian if I came across one. My life doesn’t feel …

Busting myths: you get what you focus on

This is the first in a series of posts aimed at demystifying spiritual jargon, debunking myths about the Law of Attraction, and helping people see through beliefs we use to torture ourselves. I am not an “enlightened being,” but I have been questioning thoughts and releasing feelings for many years so I do see through stories that some people might …

Happiness and Gratitude

I’m starting another Ten Things of Thankful post with some reservations. I haven’t written any posts on this blog since last week’s TToT, and I don’t want it to become nothing but a thankful blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not my intention for this blog. I mainly want to write posts about parenting and self-development. …

The Many Facets of Grief

Even as I’ve been going through it, even when it has hurt deeply, I’ve felt fascinated by the grief process. Grief doesn’t come in a box marked: “Sad all the time. ” In the first few days after my father’s death, when my sisters, mother and I were together, it’s true we did a lot of crying. But we also …

Giving Thanks, Hurting and Healing

Try not to resist the changes that come your way.  Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come? – Rumi Friday 13th September: Those of you who’ve read any of my recent posts …

Ten Things of Thankful

I have several posts planned for this blog, but they are all in various stages of needing a little more research here or a bit of tweaking there. My writing brain is working at a slightly slower speed than normal, largely due to being more tired than normal. I have read that lack of sleep does this – well I …

Self Compassion by Kristin Neff: a Review

You only need to read a few of the posts on this blog to know that I am not a newbie at self-development. I’ve attended workshops in The Work of Byron Katie, The Sedona Method and Non-Violent Communication. I’ve meditated, and released tension with yoga. I’ve also read copious books by other writers, psychologists, coaches and one by a hypnotherapist. …

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Let Go of Guilt and Shame

A common theme among mothers is that of guilt. Fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters probably feel guilt too, but mothers seem to be particularly prone to it. I have not been an exception to that. But, I have learned ways to let go of guilt and have come to see that it generally serves little purpose. For me, letting …

Guest Post at I am The Milk

Today one of my articles on the early days after our second daughter was born prematurely is featured on Katia Bishofs blog: I am the Milk.  Katia’s Donate a Post series features blog posts by women who have struggled with infertility or pregnancy loss or other difficulties during pregnancy.