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7 Emotional Life Hacks to Save Time and Pain

My life hacks are a bit different to some. They’re unlikely to make you into an efficiency robot, but they will save the time and energy that you expend on the following daily activities:
a) beating yourself up
b) getting pissed off at people for not following your life hacks and then beating yourself up for it
c) ruminating on all the times you forgot to follow life hacks (i.e. did things stuff inefficiently or not at all) and why that makes you a worthless piece of blah, blah
d) beating yourself up, yet again

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What Self-Compassion Isn’t (and What It Is) #1000Speak

Self-Compassion is not Self-Indulgence Tweet Sometimes people are afraid to be compassionate with themselves because they think this means they will be self-indulgent. But it’s not the same thing. Think of compassion in the way Buddhists use it, as “loving kindness” and it might be easier to see that self-compassion has nothing to do with indulgence. If you are trying …

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It’s Okay To Be You – a #1000Speak post

I was a shy teenager, particularly around boys. If one of those scary creatures looked at me, I went red, even though I knew he would actually be looking beyond me to the gorgeous blonde girl or bubbly chatterbox behind. If there was nobody behind me – then he’d made a mistake and for a moment thought I was someone …

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Self Compassion – Does it Work?

Self compassion one year on.   It’s a little over a year since I read Kristin Neff’s book Self Compassion and the topic seems to keep cropping up everywhere – in conversations with other bloggers, and just in life in general. So it seems a good time to write about how my life has changed in the year since I read that …

Self Compassion by Kristin Neff: a Review

You only need to read a few of the posts on this blog to know that I am not a newbie at self-development. I’ve attended workshops in The Work of Byron Katie, The Sedona Method and Non-Violent Communication. I’ve meditated, and released tension with yoga. I’ve also read copious books by other writers, psychologists, coaches and one by a hypnotherapist. …

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Let Go of Guilt and Shame

A common theme among mothers is that of guilt. Fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters probably feel guilt too, but mothers seem to be particularly prone to it. I have not been an exception to that. But, I have learned ways to let go of guilt and have come to see that it generally serves little purpose. For me, letting …